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Smartphone Repairs

Service for Android Phones is available. Parts can be ordered and available in a day. 


I will repair Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and most popular Smartphones.


When ordering parts for your phone we must know the make and model of your phone.  

There are well over 200 makes and models of android phones. I have some of these screens in inventory. Most makes and models I will have to order. We do offer next day shipping for $15 and 2 day shipping for $10 for any screens  that you might order.

I am happy to provide a quote. Call the office at 617-835-1829

When providing a quote for android phones we will quote you the price of the screen including sales tax. Screenes can be ordered with next day delivery or two day shipping. The cost to install the screen is $60.

When quoting prices for most android screens, suppliers usually have an SEO or OEM grade screen (best quality), they usually offer a Refurbish Grade Screen, which is a good quality screen at a reduced price. They also usually offer an aftermarket grade screen, which is slightly less quality. The aftermarket screens are usually available at a good discount to the SEO or OEM grade screens. I will give you the price of all the available screens. If I have concerns about lower quality screens, I will make that known.

I always want you to be happy with the repair.

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